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There is an administration fee of € 25 per month (plus V.A.T.)  for joining the Irish Christmas Market, which covers our IT, Marketing and PR costs.

We do NOT charge commission on products sold via the site and you are also welcome to promote your own webshops and social media sites whilst using this platform.

Our aim is for all Irish businesses we work with to be more successful and to sell more of their fantastic products.

Vendors are selected for the Irish Christmas Market on the basis of their authenticity as Irish retail businesses, designer-makers or manufacturers, but we are also concerned with exclusivity and will not ‘flood’ the market with different vendors selling similar products. For this reason the Market is being run on a first come, first served basis, out of fairness and respect to our existing vendors. We are sorry if this means that anyone is disappointed this time around, but there will be other markets in future and we maintain a philosophy of cooperation and support between all Irish businesses.

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